Where the Wild Things Are Toys Laconia NH

When the movie- Where the Wild Things Are- was launched, toys and dolls tied with this movies are also launched in the market. As a result, this movie release is an indicator that classic and vintage toys are coming back, in a big way. Read on to know more about it.

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Where the Wild Things Are: New Toys Come with the Movie

This doll will cost you your next child.

This costume is coming to a Halloween near you.

Where the Wild Things Are is a classic book by Maurice Sendak. Every child should have read this book by now. Have you? If not, go read it right now. I’ll wait. I’m having a tea party right now, so I don’t mind.

As with all literature, we must eventually turn it into a movie so that, you know, everyone will get a chance to understand the story even if they can’t read. The same is true for Where the Wild Things Are. Expect the movie in October and expect it to be good (seriously, I’m sold after viewing the trailer). Also expect toys and dolls to tie in as soon as humanly possible.

87365 Where the Wild Things Are: New Toys Come with the Movie

There have been opportunities in the past to get Wild Things merchandise, but more is naturally being made to coincide for the movie. Probably the best new toys coming out come from a Japanese company named Medicom.

The new toys? Collectible figurines that…well, they don’t move. And they’ll cost you a pretty penny. A set of 8 will set you back at least $250. The same is true of the Kubricks versions of the figures, though they’re slightly cheaper and do move when provoked.

I’d prefer to go the old school route and snag a Moishe Plush doll for between $10 and $30. Then I get to snuggle my own cute Wild Thing and dream of a land where anything is possible. However, the high quality Max doll is going for $150. Ouch. Snuggly Moishe for $10? That’s as wild as I&...

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