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New Way Billiards
(305) 698-2666
4410 W 16th Ave
Hialeah, FL

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Peg's Pocket
(305) 233-9554
15900 SW 92nd Ave
Miami, FL

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Georgetown Restaurant & Lounge
(954) 431-8044
7357 Davie Road Ext
Hollywood, FL

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Disney International Consumer
(305) 567-3700
2 Alhambra Plz # 9
Coral Gables, FL
Crown Hobbies
(305) 264-3964
7439 Coral Way
Miami, FL
Felt Billiards Bar & Lounge
(305) 531-2114
1242 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL

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Hollywood Billiards
(954) 981-4066
430 S State Road 7
Hollywood, FL

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K-B Toys
(305) 264-4225
7795 W Flagler St
Miami, FL
Miami International Chess Intl
(305) 262-2700
5880 Sw 8th St
West Miami, FL
Noobie Games
(305) 631-1500
3175 Sw 8th St
Miami, FL
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What, No Beer Pong?: A Review of Army of Two: The 40th Day

Who am I to decide what makes a good game and bad game? I’m about to tell you that Army of Two: The 40th Day is pretty unimpressive as a game. But who’s to say I’m the correct person to say such a thing? It’s become pretty clear that I’m a Nintendo fanboy and that I’m very bad at First-Person and Third-Person Shooters (Army of Two is a Third-Person shooter), so why am I allowed to have a say on this particular game?

I'm Bitter and It's Obvious

My opening paragraph may have given you some insight as to what I’m talking about and where I’m coming from for this game. I didn’t play the first Army of Two because it looked profoundly uninteresting and unnecessary. But I wasn’t the target demographic of “Yeah Bro!” I don’t like to play games with other people if I can help it, so when I get a game the first thing I consider is how much fun I can have playing it alone and how long said fun will last. The Modern Warfare games are good games for multiplayer, but the single player modes scream, “Rent Me” rather than “Day-One Purchase.”

Army of Two: The 40th Day returns with the same concept of the first; that of Salem and Rios (or whatever, it’s not like names mean anything to characters anymore for any game that has guns and grenades) are an army of two guys who must work together to be the biggest and baddest guys with guns in the entire world. Needless to say, they’re mercenaries, a profession that I also don’t see the fascination with since mercenaries are, by nature, hired guns with no emotion. If they display any emotion, they aren’t mercenaries anymore; they’re just chaotic one-dimensional characters with guns.

Obviously, I'm Still Bitter

Still, I’m digressing (perhaps something to talk about on a Let’s Think Deep article in the future). The point is, Stock Character 1 and Stock Character 2 must do…something that involves Shanghai. I don’t know, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot to keep my interest since, as I’ve said, I’m not big on these “Yeah Bro!” games. Anyway, the core gameplay mechanic revolves around the requirement of both characters being used while playing. The game is best suited for two-player co-op, but a single gamer can play along with a computer-controlled partner. A lot of the time it actually works better since the computer knows exactly what it’s doing this time around, so you can literally just sit back most of the time and let the game play itself. Naturally, I hate that, too.

Okay, so I’ll stop being grumpy for a bit and tell you what the game is doing well. Yes, it has made some major improvements over the first title in the series (good Lord it’s a series now). The multiplayer modes are still relatively forgettable, but the co-op campaign has some good stuff going for it. You will actually enjoy the story if this is your sort of game. I can step back and say that much with confidence: The campaign is enough to justify a rental rather than a pass. Just remember that you can rip th...

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