Schylling Vintage Toys and Tin Toys Charlotte NC

We have always had a fascination with traditional toys, and Schylling is one of our all-time favorites for collectibles, tin toys, and retro toys and games. Read on to view more details on Schylling Vintage toys and Tin toys.

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Schylling Vintage Toys and Tin Toys

Schylling Toys has been making vintage toys since 1975, and since then has become a world leader in providing quality toys and games from yesterday and today. Rather than review all of Schylling’s offerings, we want to hone in on our favorites.

We have always had a fascination with traditional toys, and Schylling is one of our all-time favorites for collectibles, tin toys, and retro toys and games. Schylling offers a romantic view of “the good ‘ole days,” back when gigantic robots from outer space were our greatest worries. Keeping tabs on this by-gone era is one of Schylling’s core missions.

Schylling Tin Toys

schylrobot 138x300 Schylling Vintage Toys and Tin ToysSchylling offers one of the most complete library of tin toys ever made. Some of Schylling’s reproductions are toys from fifty years ago, and others were originally made in the turn of the 20th century. Tin toys were made as early as 1895, but after WWII the Japanese renewed the industry with high quality mechanized tin toys, many with battery-powered flashing lights and motors.

These classic robots, cars, and space ships captured the world’s imagination. Schylling reproduces many of these classic designs with original styling, but with modern safety concerns.

A must-have is Schylling’s Planet Robot. Originally inspired by the 1950s era show “Lost in Space”, this toy is a replica of the Japanese original. Wind it up and it lurches forward and sparks come out of its head. We recommend this toy for ages 8 and up, but have seen more of them on grown men’s office desks! A great gift for Father’s Day.

ducati 300x141 Schylling Vintage Toys and Tin ToysSchylling Toys also makes replicas of retro airplanes and racecars. Our favorite is the Schylling Bugatti T-35 Ducati Racecar is a homage to the first race car drivers who competed in early Grand Prix. In fact, a Bugatti won the first ever Monaco Grand Prix in 1929. This tin toy is a replica of a 1930s wind up that still captures the excitement of speed, as long as it is given a hallway long enough. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

Schylling Collectible Toys

Schylling makes an wide assortment of Collectible toys that appeal to children and adults alike. These are fun right out of the box for kids and also a good choice for anyone who wants to remember simpler times!

schylljackinbox 209x300 Schylling Vintage Toys and Tin ToysWe love Schylling’s collection of vintage Jack-In-The-Boxes. These wind up toys delight young children to no end. Our recommended choices include the very collectible Jester, Curious George, and Sock Monkey Jack-in-the-Boxes. Each of these classic toys has an old-fashioned wind-up lever and plays, you guessed it, “pop goes the weasel.” It’s a trip down memory lane!

Another must-have vintage toy is the Classic Rubber Duck. Great for bathtub play or in the kiddie pool, this toy is truly timeless. Schylling also makes Rubber Duck assistants, which are cute varieties of this classic with new personalities. Of course, this vintage toy does have modern safety concer...

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