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What does R/C mean? Depending on who you ask the answer can be Radio Control, Remote Control, or even Real Control. For everyone though, R/C means fun! Remote control toys have a wide range in size and skill level. From the simple charge-up and play models to the build-it kits there are different styles for each kind of RC enthusiast.
I grew up in the heart of Cabbage Patch Kid land (that’s in northeast Georgia if you never knew) and we were sure to visit Babyland General, the “hospital” where the babies were “born,” at least once to get a chance to name a baby.
When you think of playing cards, most people would say Go Fish, or Solitaire; even Poker or Gin Rummy. In 1993, a small company called Wizards of the Coast decided to gamble on a new idea: A card game that played like a classic fantasy novel, complete with Orcs, Goblins and Elves, crossed with traditional strategy games like Chess and Checkers.
Nowadays it seems as though everything is vintage or retro. It is true, styles of previous times have been coming back with a vengeance. Everything from clothing to contemporary décor has been influenced by this throwback. The vintage wave can be characterized in two different ways: modern twists on vintage looks and the surge in collector's items.
Ever since George Lucas had the idea to market toys and action figures around Star Wars in 1977, collecting and loving action figures has become one of the most fun and exciting hobbies around. For some, it's a passion, for others, it's a way to actually touch a hero or villain that they enjoy day-dreaming about. For all however, it is one of many ways to connect with a desire to play.