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Dj Dolls
(262) 472-9555
N9334 Warner Rd
Whitewater, WI
Mr Underhills Diversions Etc
(920) 699-3080
540 Village Walk Ln
Johnson Creek, WI
Discovery Toys
(608) 868-4154
8215 N Ridge Trl
Milton, WI
Noble Knight Games
(608) 758-4775
1233 N Touson Dr
Janesville, WI
Noble Knight Games
(608) 758-9901
2219 Green Valley Dr
Janesville, WI
Kay Bee Toys
(920) 699-4585
622 Linmar Ln
Johnson Creek, WI
Kb Toys Outlet
(920) 699-4585
622 Linmar Ln
Johnson Creek, WI
Mr Underhill's Diversions Etc
(920) 261-7080
212 Market St
Watertown, WI
Wisconsin Wagon Company
(608) 754-0026
507 Laurel Ave
Janesville, WI
Cherry Tree Toys
(608) 314-3090
2104 Beloit Ave
Janesville, WI

Bratz versus Barbie

bratz 1 300x300 Bratz versus Barbie

Bratz rocking the world

We’re on a roll for reporting Mattel’s various lawsuits. The toy giant was awarded $100 million in its Bratz ownership suit against MGA Entertainment. The hip fashion dolls were designed by Carter Bryant while he was under contract with Mattel.

Bryant is most famously known for his Barbie design work, escpecially the high-class Barbie series from the early 2000s known as Grand Entrance Barbie.

Barbie, still attending Prom at 50 years old

Barbie, still elegant after 50 years

When Carter left Mattel, he took his Bratz sketches with him. And that’s what Mattel won the rights for, as well as the sizable damages from Carter’s new partner MGA.

Mattel’s beef in understandable. Ever since Bratz came on the market in 2001, Barbie has been losing her place in little girl’s hearts around the world. Meanwhile, the Bratz dolls were awarded the Toy Industry Association’s People’s Choice Toy of the Year Award, as well as the Family Fun’s Toy of the Year award.

Bratz may never give the mantle back to Barbie. The line of dolls and accessories have successful been spun into new music albums and a popular children’s show as well....

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